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A Friend who Never Forgets.

So many times in life we feel that friends move on and do not think of the times we spend, achieve  and enjoy together. Because of this I was very touched by Cesar Millan’s Thankgiving Message.

“Speaking of jobs well done, I am also thankful for two very dear friends of mine, Cheri Lucas and Martin Deeley, both frequent contributors to CesarsWay.com. Cheri mentored with me many years ago. Today, her nonprofit rescue, Second Chance at Love Humane Society, is working hard to create balanced dogs with loving homes. Martin’s International Association of Canine Professionals was a tremendous help at this year’s National Pack Walk Event. – Cesar Millan”

I give thanks for all the friends that have entered my life and in most instances the wonderful dogs that have brought them to me. Cesar has made a big impact on me and the dog world, long may he continue to do so. His friendship is one I will always treasure. He is indeed a Dear Friend.

Martin and Cesar in LA with Junior