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A Weekend of Friends Old and New

In our lifetime people touch our lives in many ways. Friendship and true sharing comes rarely and when it does you often do not realize until later how much you need it and how much those friends build the fabric of your life. This last weekend was a weekend of renewed friendship and wonderful memories, and a new friendship that begins with memories to cherish.

Saturday evening was to be the a making of a new friend. A client of ours who has become a friend invited us to their home for dinner.  It was to be a special one for me, as here I met a man and his wife who have inspired thousands if not millions of horse lovers all over the world, Pat and Linda Parelli. We didn’t talk horses and talked very little dogs we just got to know each other and realize we had two wonderful friends in common. Dr Ian Dunbar, who we called to annoy and entertain half way through a few glasses of wine, and Cesar Millan, who must have been calm and Assertive somewhere as we had to leave a very silly message on his phone. Ian, who did answer, of course joined in the fun and general nonsense around the dinner table, through the phone. We are hoping for all of us to meet up in the near future and get to doing what we did all evening. Tell stories, sing country and let Pat entertain us with a mean piece of guitar playing. Quite and accomplished player is Pat and Linda with a smile put me right on many of the words I forgot or got mixed up when singing some of my favorite songs. I don’t think we stopped laughing and even now four days later I chortle at the memory. Marla and Richard (another Brit) are the most wonderful hosts and friends and knew just how to surprise and please me, with not only some very good wine but also an Indian dinner. My favorite.

Friday and the phone rings. It often does, but this sounded like a good news ring and it was. Is that Martin Deeley? Yes I answer. This is John Plested; I am at the Villages near you. How about getting together. Nothing unusual you may think but John and I last saw each other back in 1967 – we think. We think!! We were Engineering apprentices back in Poole Dorset at the Poole Electricity Generating power plant. Motorcycle fiends and rockers. Nice ones! Wow, would I like to get together. Too right I would and so Sunday evening was one of ‘Do you remember” or “I can remember” and all the old stories, old names and memories of boyhood and learning together came out. The time we spent with a group of apprentices camping on a very wet night and getting flooded out in tents we had pitched at the bottom of a hill. Then spending the rest of the night in a kind and sympathetic famers barn where rats smiled into our flashlight beams, and sleep came with a lot of difficulty. The stories of night shift at the Power Station when I cooked curry and got dragged before the boss the next morning because the whole office block smelled like an Indian Restaurant.  Memories of yesterday as though they were today. Friends of then and where they are now, or sadly no longer with us. A great afternoon and evening of days gone by and a friendship renewed.

Interesting that with both these friends, a common denominator is Indian food. Hadn’t thought about it until writing these few words. These are days that last in my mind. Days of joy where we share our lives, loves and innermost pleasures with true friends. A weekend I will always remember and I am sure talk about with these and other friends many times in the future. Memories, ah sweet memories.