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About Florida Dog Trainers

FL Dog Trainers - Pat & Martin Martin, and his wife–well known trainer Pat Trichter–offer Florida’s premier dog training experience. With over 50 years experience between them and with their expertise recognized world-wide, they provide a service valued by all dogs and owners.

Based in Montverde Central Florida, and known as the Orlando Dog trainer as well as the Florida Dog Trainer, clients bring their dogs from all over the state and in fact the country to learn from Martin and Pat. Whatever your situation and whatever your problems Martin and Pat can help provide you and your dog with the foundation of a long and lasting loving relationship.

Training is always designed to provide your dog with the atmosphere and environment that will help him learn and return with a great outlook on life and you as his owner.

Florida Dog Trainer uses a wide variety of training approaches and equipment to help your dog learn and provide the communication for control. One of the approaches is E-Touch developed by Martin and Pat, a kind and humane way to communicate and create understanding in your dog using the E-Collar (remote trainer).

Words from Cesar Millan…

Cesar Millan’s Thanksgiving Message 2010

Martin Deeley and Cesar Millan

Martin Deeley and Cesar Millan

I am blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life to share the village with! And I’d like to mention a couple dear friends of mine – Cheri Lucas and Martin Deeley. As you may know, both are frequent contributors to CesarsWay.com, offering their training advice and tips. I learn from them and they in turn learn from me.
Martin and I have known each other for many years. He has worked on the show with me and most recently, gave his viewpoints and perspective as part of my new book, Cesar’s Rules. They both have great insight and expertise to offer and I’m proud to call them members of my inner Pack!

Why do I affiliate with them? Besides helping countless dogs and consistently educating humans, they have mastered the relationship fundamentals of honesty, integrity, and loyalty. How do I know? I’ve seen their Packs and the Pack never lies! That means I trust, respect, and love them back, and on this Thanksgiving, one of the things I’m most thankful for are my friendships with special people like Cheri and Martin.

Martin wrote the foreword for his friend Cesar Millan’s Book – Cesar’s Way. Cesar inscribed the book he gave to Martin “To a Man of Honor; From a Man Honored.” Cesar refers many clients to Martin based on the strong relationship and common philosophy they share together with his confidence in Martin’s ability to bring about change in dogs. Cesar has also written the foreword to Martin’s revised bestseller “Working Gundogs”…

Cesar Millan writing about Martin Deeley – Florida Dog Trainer, for his book “Working Gundogs”

Martin Deeley & Cesar MillanDog training is first and foremost about understanding, trust, respect, and loyalty.

I first met Martin Deeley, the author of this book, at a conference of the International Association for Canine Professionals (IACP) many years ago, after some criticism I had received from people in the dog training industry. Despite this criticism, or maybe because of it, Martin had contacted me, and said he would like me to come on board as an honorary member of the organization – he was excited that I had found a public platform to show dog owners that the responsibility was on them to create a healthy human/dog relationship. He asked me to attend the conference, and I humbly accepted.

At the time, I didn’t know who Martin was any more than anyone knew who I was. I’m not the kind who likes to do research on someone before we meet. I prefer to meet people the way a dog would, letting my first impressions and my instincts guide me. I remember when Martin approached me; we shook hands and exchanged a look that to me said: “Don’t I know you?” It was an instant recognition, even though we had never met. He is that kind of person. The kind of man that you immediately feel you’ve known your entire life.

Even though he’s much, much older than me – 100 years older, at least – we established a natural connection on that day. We can look at each other when we are working and know what the other is thinking. We both chose the same career, and we became our own masters. We both work in the same industry, but we have our own styles. It’s true that our philosophies and methods are different, but it is our shared opinion that every trainer is different. We all have our own approach and our own methods that come from a lifetime of different experiences. But despite our differences, the goal is the same: to really understand our dogs and build a better relationship with them based on that understanding. Every individual is going to have a unique approach, and will use his or her own words to describe it. By using their own words, they are able to best express what they want with honesty and integrity. That’s how you trigger the calm-assertive side that Martin is so in touch with. He will approach a case his way, and I will approach it my way… but in the end, the positive result will be the same.

I was honored this past year to be able to work with him on my dog training DVD, Sit and Stay the Cesar Way. You don’t have to tell him that you’re going to do anything: he knows. Organically, he becomes a part of the moment. He knows when to move forward, when to move back, when to change his energy, what body language the animal will respond to – he knows the animal, and that’s a rare thing.

I can’t think of Martin and not think about dogs (and when I say that, he will know that I say it with reverence and respect!) That is what makes people like Martin so ideally suited for dog training – he lives in that world all the time, and he understands it. He spends much of his professional time with working dogs, and he has embraced their mentality. When it’s time to work, he works; when it’s time to laugh, he laughs; when it’s time to relax, he relaxes. He’s always willing to give you everything he has.

When you simplify it, our friendship – like the human/dog relationship – is about the trust, respect, and loyalty that we give and receive. When we feel strongly about somebody, we like to let them know. We’re going to make sure they know that we support them in everything they do. In Martin’s philosophy, no one person is necessarily better or worse than another; we’re all just different. We can all accomplish what we set out to accomplish, and we can do so humanely. We both like to share our knowledge with people, and we like to listen to other people share their knowledge with us.

That is the purpose of this book. The knowledge that he has is singularly insightful. It comes from a life spent working with and understanding gundogs – of living and breathing that philosophy of trust, respect, and loyalty.

And he would like to share that knowledge with you.

In Cesar’s book ‘Cesar’s rules’, Cesar writes in the acknowledgments ‘Thank you Martin for reaching out and believing in me long before anyone else in the professional training world ever did.”