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Letters from our Clients

Well, it’s been a little over 24 hours since we picked up our sweet, goofy Bailey. I can honestly say that he is the same sweet, goofy, loving pup but only enhanced! Libby has deemed him Bailey 2.0, the upgraded version!!

He came home and went into his crate with no issue, the first time. We’ve had a couple times that he has circled the room, laid down, and tried to dart the other way. We persisted and worked with him, and he has been a pretty good boy since we established that boundary.

Bailey and I ventured out on a walk, just the two of us. It was the most peaceful walk I’ve had with this pup. My cup runneth over! You are probably wondering what is so special about this walk that I bring it up? Glad you asked. We walked by at least a dozen different families on various streets and with a myriad of noises, leashed and unleashed pups, and many distractions. I overheard at least three families comment to one another “what a well trained dog”, “I wish my dog were that well behaved”, and “wow, that’s a big dog and so well mannered.” Martin, you have made my wish come true. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Elena and Bailey


Wow! I just wanted to thank you for what you’ve done with Cooper. It’s remarkable to see how well he has progressed and learned in just 3 short weeks. He has settled back in nicely at home and we have been going at it with training and he is doing great! So, once again thank you so much

Kory and Cooper




We had no idea how great a dog could be until Sammi returned home from training with Martin and Pat. Before, Sammi was impossible to walk on a leash as she was always trying to pull in her own direction. We could never let her off leash as she would ignore any commands once she caught scent of a squirrel or bird. Being a high energy breed, she was ALWAYS on the go and bouncing off the walls no matter how much we exercised her. The final straw before seeking help was that she had developed a fear of strangers and would bark incessantly and try to intimidate anyone who even looked in her direction.

After training with Martin and Pat, we were amazed and jokingly questioned if we had been sent the same dog home. She is now a delight to walk on leash as she nicely stays by my side. She is even better off leash. Our favorite part of the day is when we hike some nearby trails and I now feel safe to let Sammi roam leash free. Using the e-collar, she stays with me and always comes when I call…even if we come across an ever so enticing squirrel! The biggest shocker to us in her training is how calm she can be. I can easily get my work done at the house now while Sammi nicely sits quietly in her “place”. We are still working with her overcoming her fear of strangers, but even in just a couple months, she has b

een making huge strides. She no longer barks at people when we are out and about. You can tell she is more confident than before when strangers are around. There have been a few instances now where Sammi herself has approached someone she doesn’t really know in a curious and friendly manner rather than with fear.

We could not be happier with Sammi or the training she received from Martin and Pat. They were very knowledgeable and always available and quick to respond to any questions I might have. They kept me updated on her progress during her training including sending me a picture. We only wish we could have found them sooner. Thank you for how you have transformed our dog into the happiest, most confident version of herself and made her a complete joy in our life.

Jeff and Brittany Tillman



Jasmine 2c

Our decision to take Jasmine to be trained by both of you has been the best decision that we could have made. When Jasmine left our home she was very unruly to say the least. This was very frustrat

ing for both of us. Now we are in awe as to how well behaved Jasmine is. She is so calm which makes her a delight to be around. On her first day home she had a big bowl of chocolate ice cream with hot fudge and whipped cream on it…just kidding!!! Seriously, her first day home was rema

rkable because she followed every command. Miracles really do happen!!!

We would also like to thank you for all of your dedication and hard work to train Jasmine to be a wonderful companion to both of us. The booklet that you prepared for us is a tremendous help to keep her on the straight and narrow pathway to perfect puppyhood and beyond. In addition to being wonderful dog trainers you are both very warm, friendly and a joy to be around. You also have a great sense of humor which is very refreshing.
We will keep you posted as to Jasmine’s progress in the coming months and will let you know if any problems should develop. It has been such a pleasure to have met both of you and we really enjoyed talking and joking with you. Wishing you the best of health and may God bless both of you.

Stephie, Doug and Jasmine


We had a wonderful evening! Great walk around the neighborhood, the entire neighborhood unlike before when it would take 20 minutes to try to just get down the lane because he would lie down and refuse to walk and then take off pulling me with him in spurts. We practiced in the back yard off leash as well. AND NO CHASING cats! He sat on the floor quietly while we watched TV! We are in heaven, we just can’t thank you enough.

Sandra Stevens


I was absolutely amazed watching you work with Wolf – you were right … there are some who say they are dog trainers and then there are the real dog trainers.

Judy Ladney and Wolf


Aaron Fechter & Athena ‘There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t feel very lucky to have met Martin and blessed that he chose us to be Athena’s forever masters. Not only is she the most beautiful dog in the universe, the training that she received from Martin before he gave her to us really got us all off to a great start. People are constantly telling us how well behaved and amazing she is and we know it is because of Martin’s training that she is so easy to live with. Martin has always offered us help in whatever ways we may need it with both of our dogs, and has become a true friend who we know we can depend on regarding any issues with our dogs.’and’ Athena is one of the most amazing blessings we have and we owe it all to you. You knew before we did that we would do just fine with her. We were still on the fence about taking her, worrying about what it would do to Tandy’s privileged life, worrying about the problems albinos bring into your life, worrying that we can’t handle two big dogs, worrying about home insurance, and all the rest. But, at a certain point, you just said to us, ‘I’ve made my decision. She’s perfect for you’. We took her, trusting your decision. And we have never looked back or regretted one moment. Leadership like yours is God sent to us. Sometimes in life, you don’t get what you deserve, and sometimes, you get lucky and get more than your deserve. Because of you, the latter is true. I can truthfully say, because of Martin Deeley, our lives have been enriched in a way we can barely express in words.’

Aaron Fechter


dog training customer BeauSomehow this is the first time I’ve been able to really attempt something of a paper thank you.
I didn’t pick Beau because I thought it would be simple. I didn’t pick the two of you to work with because I expected generosity.
When I was lucky to find Beau and then you two, those seemed like the best choices for my family and then my pack.
I am not the perfect Pack leader but I work at it.
At the end of the day I would go through fire for my Beau. Pretty sure he knows it. Never underestimate the love of a good dog.
I’d missed it.
I tell people he makes me a nicer person.
It isn’t exactly unconditional but as far as I can tell dog criteria for humans
Lead Me
Love Me
Feed Me
I find that very comforting.

There is a tenderness about him. He’s never seemed that big, just right, Beau sized.

Thank you for giving me/us the tools to keep him safe. When we met, he’d been here less than a month. Now, can’t imagine us without him.

Emily, Beau, John and Margaret


dog training client - ShooterOur dog was at the end of the line we loved him deeply, but he was so uncontrollable, walking on a leash was not possible (and dangerous to him and other animals), Shooter had become very hard to deal with and dangerous, every method we read or tried failed. I have had many dogs and animals and never one quite like our Shooter. The final straw was when he accidentally bit me while I was getting him away from another dog the choices were quite simple find a trainer to help us be what Shooter needed us to be or make the tough decision to remove him from our family or worse put him to sleep. I found the website for Martin, sent an email and had an answer almost immediately to set an appointment. On our first appointment we were over the top impressed with Martin and his wife Pat, I have never met animal trainers that helped us as much as the animal. Martin and Pat dug down to the real reasons our dog was the way he was and why. Best of all we found the desperate help we needed. Instead of just telling us what to do we have been taught and shown how to and custom tailored just for us and our dog.

The healing has begun, I now trust my dog more, and we are walking down the street with no issues which would have once been an unachievable task. Shooter will be going on vacation with us this year as a family. The trainer does make the difference, 2 others were unsuccessful in helping with our dog and by visit 2 with Martin and I were able to let Shooter off the leash and he was walking by my side and not running away. We will be forever grateful for finding Martin and Pat and for them helping us put our family back together. They made us feel as though they are not just dog and owner trainers but family, and from day one we knew we have met new friends. God has blessed Martin with an incredible ability to communicate with dogs on a level we will never understand but greatly admire.

Matt, Alicia, and Shooter


dog training client - DoryMartin and his wife Pat are awesome. I understand why Martin is considered one of the best dog/handler trainers internationally, not just gun dogs but any dog. He is a genius…he is the Einstein of the dog world.

Bonnie MacDonald Roof & Dory




Mocha’s Story

I have to admit, I waited two days to actually test Mocha on a leash walk in my dog training client - mochaneighborhood. I was afraid that what occurred at your place was some kind of “Deeley Magic” and it would not last. How could Mocha, a dog with such horrible “leash aggression,” be walking down the road (with me in charge) along side two other dogs with just a few hours training?

Well, I was pleasantly proven wrong! My first adventure out could not have gone any better. Within 5 minutes on our walk, two very overly excited dogs approached us on leash and Mocha started to show an excited interest in them. I corrected her with only the “nick” and told her “leave it”, and she fell right back into a heal beside me. Soon afterwards, we encountered another dog on leash and Mocha didn’t even show an interest. In fact, Mocha looked up at me! Wow! What a great thing. Mocha just walked right by the dog without any drama. I, too, was calm and cool and grinning from ear to ear.

Mocha was deemed un-adoptable by my Rescue group. In fact, they wanted me to kill her. Honestly, I almost did put Mocha down. I had been to three different ‘professional’ trainers. The last training session ended with Mocha biting the trainer. I now know that it was not Mocha’s fault – we set her up for failure, but at the moment I thought it was Mocha’s death sentence.

Martin, Pat, and the e-collar saved Mocha’s life. I thank God I sent an email to them asking for their help. Mocha’s life has completely changed. She now walks with joy – no fear or anxiety.

Denise Brooker


dog training client - vadarVadar is the best dog you could wish to have, and the reason he is so good is because I followed Martins advice throughout. Thanks Martin for showing me how to have such a great dog.

Juan Field


dog training client - kaileeKailee is doing great, much better than I could have hoped for. I’ve had her back for a week now, and I continue to do all of the things you instructed in order to continue the training. She really hasn’t regressed at all! She is still a complete transformation from the dog I brought to you. Walking Kailee before was a nightmare, she would aggressively bark and lunge towards dogs, people, animals, even a leaf blowing on the ground. I wouldn’t even take her outdoors without checking first to make sure people or dogs weren’t outside. It was not a life for her, she received very little exercise because of it and she was isolated from the world. When I would take her on walks she would pull me the entire time, and never relax or even look like she enjoyed it. She would throw out my back and I had 0 control. People would make comments to me like, “You should put a muzzle on her…” “Is she walking you?” “Be careful, she looks dangerous.” It was so sad because I love the outdoors and I love walking, she loves the outdoors and exercize, it should have been our favorite thing to do, but I couldn’t trust her. Well, NOW She is a JOY to walk! We have such a wonderful time together walking side by side, she listens to me and follows my lead! I almost came to tears yesterday, when I was walking her and a lady jogging stopped and looked down at Kailee as she walked happily, calmly, right next to me and she said, “What a polite dog, and she looks so happy wagging her tail and walking right next to you with that big smile!” I have NEVER received a positive comment like that until now! It makes me want to cry this very minute.

Her entire demeanor has changed from high-strung, nervous and angry to relaxed and happy, with of course bouts of that excited Kailee I know, as it’s part of her personality. But, now she waits for me to give the instruction and I can enjoy her personality because I have control over it and can make her stop. If she does get overly excited she LISTENS to me! What an amazing concept! She is so much happier now, she is able to go on longer walks, she can relax with me without barking at everything in the window or every time she hears a loud noise. My life and her life has improved so much there aren’t words. I’m sorry to be so dramatic about it, but it was a constant stress and worry on my mind before, I knew she wasn’t happy, I knew she was a threat, and I felt like I was just waiting for something awful to happen that would change out lives. I can finally relax and know that I can control her actions and more than that she is happy to relent that control and just be an obedient dog! Thank you so much Martin!!

Christina Freeman and Kailee


dog training client - saraMiss Sara – in for hunting dog training 3 months.

She’s amazing Martin! Thank you.
Barrett Thomas


dog training client - layla and buddhaThank you again for what a difference you’ve made for our two special dogs. It is really quite miraculous!
The e-collar is a tool I do not know how we lived without. Layla doesn’t need the e collar in the house anymore, but she always wears the e collar in public. It has given us a lot of freedom, confidence and control that we simply didn’t have before.

And you can quote me on that! 🙂

Margie Manners – Layla and Buddha


dog training client - corgisThe Fighting Twosome!
Thank you for helping me with my two corgis, Rowan & Nuala. We are all really enjoying each other and have achieved a happy home balance thanks to all of your insights and recommendations. They now are absolutely awesome dogs for me, and I am happy to report, we have not had any serious dog fights between them in over a year now! I have thought of both of you often, and keep meaning to write and let you know how much you helped me with these two dogs. You really gave me the insight and tools I needed to for us live more peaceful, coexisting and happy lives! It got pretty bad for a while….some serious dog fights between them (scary photos attached-after I got them separated, you can see how bad it was…I had to get out the mop!), but with determination, I modified my life with them using your helpful guidance, and slowly but surely, gained a more calm controlled home and farm life. Now they run and bump into each other without incident, they sit on the console of the truck TOGETHER touching side by side while watching the horses training, and on occasion, they actually sniff each other without a brawl breaking out! They enjoy being out on the farm with me all day, every day and have learned the boundaries in and outside of the barns.

Krista Seltzer DVM


dog training client - laylaAggressive Miss Pit – Layla
Layla is doing so well it’s almost silly. Thank you SO much for your much needed and well timed coaching. Layla is quite suddenly the most well behaved dog I know or eve encounter in public. She is docile, sweet, glued to my side, instantly obedient, and will do anything I ask her to do as long as she understands what I’m asking. It was only a few weeks ago that she was known and feared in our advanced obedience class as an aggressive nutcase, while this last Tuesday she was the only dog in class that successfully did the whole mini rally course off leash!
I’m telling you. It’s almost weird to be living in such a different, and absolutely heavenly reality. We are still working on resolving her residual anxiety about meeting new dogs, but she has shown tremendous improvement.

Margie Manners


Jake – the unruly Labrador. We went ahead and took Jake to the vet for the constant scratching and to get his annual shots. I drove and Robert sat in the back with Jake. He did very well riding (ok, best ride that we’ve EVER had with him), it’s a short ride, maybe 7 minutes door to door, but still that’s great! He got on the scale perfectly, sat nice and still for a weight and waited for Robert to tell him to get off. (Again, first time EVER, usually it’s a drive-by weigh-in with multiple tries). The vet’s wife who works there was confirming that this was really the same dog they had neutered who was so ‘unruly’ as she put it, she thought we had a different dog. Actually I guess we do in a sense. He got a full examination and vaccines and rode back home with just a few minor corrections the whole time. He’s on an antibiotic as the vet said he had the beginning of a staph infection from scratching.

Matthew has already mentioned to the girls about ‘how we treat the animals properly’, fingers away from the kennel, leaving the cat alone, etc. He is very conscientious about following your instructions. We’re all very much wanting to maintain the progress we’ve made so I’m sure we’ll all be watching to make sure they follow the rules.
We can’t thank both of you enough for all your help and support. As Robert said, we knew there was a great dog in there somewhere – thank you for helping us find him.

Donna Story

dog training client - sam**********

Jacques, Renee and Sam.

Our dog, Sam, is a 2 year old, 120 pound Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. When Sam was about one year old, he went to stay with Martin and his staff for 3 weeks. At that time, Sam exhibited most of the characteristics of a young Swissy, good and bad: some rowdiness and exuberant jumping, a strong-willed mind, tugging at his leash and excessive barking.

Today, Sam is a terrific pet. Martin taught him and us commands that Sam easily understands and obeys. He is great around our young grandchildren and visitors to our home and we can take him anywhere with the peace of mind that he will follow our directions while completely enjoying himself.

Jacques and Renee Aebli

dog training client - huckleberry*************

Huckleberry and Donna

I have no idea how to begin to say ‘thank you’, for all you have done for Huckleberry. He is on his way to being that special blessing we hoped for. I now, first hand know what Cesar Millan, means, when he says ‘I rehabilitate dogs and train people.’

We left your place, taking Huck back home. After about 3 minutes,he calmed down and was the perfect gentleman, all the way home. As he was reorienting himself back to home, he quickly saw the pool, and just stopped for a minute looking at the pool like he just saw a long lost friend. We waited for him to clam down a little, then took him right beside the pool, but ask him to stay. He didn’t move. He was a good boy! Then we let him dive in and let him swim until he had worn himself out. I don’t know who was happier, Walter, me or Huck! He did everything we ask him to do and we hardly had to use that stimulator at all.. For the first time, he slept in his crate all night long. So far, he has not had any bathroom problems on the inside of the house. I am now walking him on a leash with no problems. This is like Christmas coming early for me. Each time I’ve walked him, we are able to go for longer periods of time. Before we found you, walking Huck was like walking a bronco bull. Now he’s like walking a gentle lamb. It’s wonderful!

When our younger son died suddenly, without warning, due to cardiac arrest, Walter and I felt as though our world was not worth living in. It’s the worse pain a parent could ever feel. Huckleberry, is that special blessing I wanted, especially for Walter, as well as myself. He fills that empty spot in our hearts with joy and laughter and love. More than anything, because of the training you gave Huck, I am beginning to see Walter’s smile and laughter coming back (me too). You can’t get any better than that.

There are no words I know to say thank you enough. I realize we are a work in progress, but we are on our way! Thank you so much for your hospitality, your talent and your kindness. What a gift you are to all the lucky dogs that pass your way. We will keep in touch and call for help when needed.
May my best friend God bless you beyond your imagination.

Donna Minix

PS. Use any of my words you would like ,along with the photo. I honestly mean every word I say. I just can’t find the words to thank you enough. I think you are the best around anywhere. There is simply none better at what they do, than you. I dearly love people that have now seen Huckleberry after you trained him and they can’t believe it’s the same dog. When I walk him, I now walk proud! Keep in touch whenever you can and I will certainly keep you in touch with you and Huck’s progress through his journey through life.


dog training client - baxterFollowing his Training Camp (Baxter)
Words cannot describe how grateful Karen and I are for what you have done with Baxter. I am happy to report that we just finished training this morning and Baxter is resting peacefully at my feet (while I am composing this email). This is the second half of this morning’s training-Can Baxter settle when I or Karen tell him to? So far, the answer is yes!!! In the past, this would have not been possible. He would have been un-settled and looking for some trouble to get into. Instead, he seems happy to be by my side and is simply awaiting my next command! All that I can say is-WOW!!!

We are committed to following the program that you have set forth and are looking forward to the day when we can triumphantly claim that ‘Baxter is a well-balanced and happy dog’!!!

In closing, please know that Karen and I admire the work that you and Pat do and consider ourselves lucky to know you both!!!

CHEERS to PAT and Martin!!!
Sincerely, Wade, Karen and Baxter (well-balanced, in training)

Dearest Pat and Martin, Once again, thank you so much for what you do. We have a different dog, again!!! You have set the ground-work for the future. As we discussed, Baxter needs constant discipline. We are glad that Baxter had the opportunity to spend another week. Only one day since and the results are INCREDIBLE!!! Example #1-We encountered several dogs this morning on our daily walk. A few were not getting along…ranting, raving and carrying on. Baxter gave a look, Karen said to ‘leave-it’ and we continued on with our walk. This was not possible one week ago!!! Example #2-Some people were fishing in the pond behind our house (as often folks do). One week ago, Baxter would have been ‘on-guard’ the entire time – whinning, etc…This time (I said ‘leavie-it’) and not only did he really ‘leave-it’ he turned the other way for the entire time that they wre visible!!! Needless to say your work with dogs simply blows us away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will continue to mix in the new food and follow-up in a couple weeks. Thank you for taking such good care of Baxter and reminding us of what we want in and from our pet!!!

Sincerely, Wade, Karen and Baxter

Dear Pat and Martin,
I just returned from Baxter’s annual checkup and I just had to email you and let you know that the Vet Tech actually said ‘you really have a good dog’? Can you believe it? For the first time since we have been taking him for his annual checkups, he was a perfectly behaved dog. No whining, growling a or acting up. They took him back into the lab to get his weight and run a few tests. Normally I could hear him barking, screeching and just acting crazy – not this time!!! Then when he returned, he received three shots – the little trooper didn’t even flinch!!! (got his bordatella so he is ready for his visit). I know that Karen’s email was fairly modest about Baxter’s progress, but I think that I will ‘blow his horn’ a bit!!! He is much better when we pass by other dogs on our daily walks and we took him with us this past Saturday to St Pete and he was a perfect angel around new people – no jumping or craziness. Also, his little temper tantrums are pretty much a thing of the past…hasn’t shown any teeth or acted dominating in any way!

Karen, Baxter and I will be forever grateful to you both for your patience, guidance and knowledge. We could not do this without your help.
We are looking forward to seeing you in a couple months (when Baxter comes for his holidays)! Take care!
We always call when when we are at a loss. I figured that I would share our successes equally!

Wade, Karen and Baxter-almost a perfect dog!!!



From the day we picked out our cute little four-week old German Shepherd puppy from the litter until it became evident at seven-months old we needed your assistance to correct his unacceptable behavior, “WE ALWAYS LOVED HIM, BUT WE DIDN’T ALWAYS dog training client - texLIKE HIM.”

We cannot tell you enough times how much we appreciate the time and effort you put into the training of Tex. He came to you with a variety of behavioral problems especially jumping up on people and mouthing. We had the bruises on our bodies to prove that point! With your expert training and dedication to both Tex and us, you transformed this huge unruly German Shepherd into a well-mannered obedient dog. Tex now listens and reacts to EVERY command with no hesitation. He has become the great dog we knew he could be, but this only happened because of you both.

Thank you for all the encouragement you continued to give us throughout Tex’s training. Your continuous support was beyond our expectations. You are truly the most wholeheartedly committed expert trainers to both the dogs and dog owners.

Your devoted clients,
Bob and Gail


dog training client - rustyI’m sure you have wondered how I am faring with Rusty after your fine training? It has been great!!! Rusty is so good no and hasn’t even chewed up anything. He doesn’t jump on anyone and I can let him off of his leash, throw a ball and he retrieves it returning promptly. He doesn’t whine or bark anymore and never runs out the front door. It’s truly amazing. I really like this dog now and so do my kids and their friends. I’m getting the hang of the remote and know the buttons by heart now. Hope all is well on your end.

Tai Erickson


dog training client - zeusZeus is doing remarkably well. I never thought I would see the day when my dog, Mr. Aggressive, would walk off leash every time all the time. He has learned that not every dog is out to get him, even dogs he has never seen before and are running towards him do not bother him. He either just stares at them and walks away when we call him or he sits down and gives them a friendly hello. Unbelievable! We have changed and so has he. We no longer focus on what may happen. We focus on what is happening; that he is a wonderful and loving dog who needed guidance and structure. People that have known us and have seen us walking him for the past months have noticed the difference in him as well. We are still working on his people issues and we take one day at a time.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I cannot say that enough. We are so glad we found you.

-Uli Crisp

RECENTLY- As you can see, finally, the long awaited picture of the much improved Zeus. He even has his pretty necklace on. Zeus has been with us almost 13 months and the difference in his behavior and his attitude is remarkable. I think he now realizes he is here to stay, no matter what. He is no longer aggressive towards other dogs and he is warming up to people. He walks up to our neighbors, under our watchful eye of course, and lets them pet him and give him treats. Before, that would have not been possible. Even my daughter has commented that it cannot be the same dog I brought home a year ago. I am just elated that Zeus is doing so well and I think he is the happy dog he should have been a long time ago.
All of that would have not been possible without your patients and assistance. Thank God we found you. I will talk to you soon. Take care.

– Uli Crisp
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

It has been a year since we last saw you and as you know we have made remarkable progress with Zeus or I think I should say Zeus has turned his world around to be a happy and healthy dog. I am still in awe over all of this which would have not been possible without you.

Our goal this year is to let people into our home without having to lock Zeus into another room. Well, I have good news to report. We had friends come over. They even brought their own dog, a German Shepherd and amazingly after a 30 minute walk with the two dogs, our friends walked into our home and Zeus was pleased to have a play date. Even our neighbors come over with their children and Zeus thinks he has to be the keeper of those children and walk with them wherever they go. I think for Zeus the key is to walk into our home together with everyone.

Zeus is now able to enter our neighbor’s yard to play with their two dogs with the children and everyone in the same yard. When we first brought Zeus home and he saw anyone in their yard he would go into attack mode. The kids are younger and one even poked him in the nose last weekend and he just looked at her and licked her hand. I am just loving this.

– Uli Crisp Greater Orlando Aviation Authority


dog training client - kaiserJust wanted to let you know how greatful I am with you for changing my life. Things have been very well with kaiser and I’m really thankful for all your help. I’ve been able to control my anxious dog with the collar and keeping in mind all the advice you gave me.

Sheyla Colon FL


dog training client - annabelAnnabell is a PitBull that owner Lorraine Smith had serious problems controlling with dog, cats and other animals. She wanted to kill them all, even Lorraine’s own cats. Lorraine had been to four trainers prior to this and had been advised by two that Annabelle should be euthanised

Loraine writes following consultations and lessons with FSD;

I have just came back from my first e-collar walk with Annabelle. On the way out we managed to walk past two of my cats without her having a hissy fit and she walked on heel the whole time, but wait….it gets better. There is a house on the end of my street where a big american bull dog lives, he’s always loose sitting around his house, but he seems like a big quite guy. Anyway, I totally forgot about him as we walked by and only noticed he was there when Annabelle swung her head around I used the collar on a 2 and slowly walked off the sidewalk as if nothing was going on (continuing to press on the red button until she was looking ahead and not paying too much attention to him). He actually got so close he was sniffing her butt and we didn’t have a problem. I just walked on and she came along by my side!!!!

dog training client - annabelTHEN….When we got home one of my cats refused to get off the doorstep, again with the collar on 2, I put Annabelle in a sit, took my keys out my pocket, opened my door and we walked right past my cat! The interesting thing I observed was that when we came inside she just walked straight in a didn’t try to get back to the door to get the cat like she normally does….interesting.

This email comes to you as a great big heartful hug full of gratitude and thank you’s.

Lorraine Smith


dog training client - caseyI feel honored to have met you. Thank you so much. Casey says you’ll always be ‘#1’ as far as he is concerned.

From Karla Bodkin and Casey (Who needed a little help to become a Very Good Dog)





dog training client - marcoWOW!!! Words can not explain how amazed we are at the results of our little Marco. Marco was a very sweet and loving little dog to us but other strangers and dogs beware. We were embarrassed by his behavior when we walked him in our neighborhood. People would jump off the sidewalk to avoid this adorable little pup. We did not know how to control his aggression. He also chased and harassed our cats to no end. Oh, and the worst of all he liked to dig holes in our dry wall. We contacted Pat and Martin to see if they could help (not really thinking there would be any solution because it was probably just his little personality). We took Marco for 2 week boot camp and when we returned we could hardly believe the results. I now take Marco everywhere with me (Home Depot- he loves the shopping carts, outdoor café’s, even my personal training sessions at the gym). Everyone comments on how well behaved my dog is and I kind of chuckle knowing just a few weeks ago they would not have said that. Marco now walks around my neighborhood without a leaseh and is very friendly with other people and dogs. He leaves my cats alone and has even made friends with one of them. Marco now rides in the passenger seat of my car and he actually lays down, where before he would have been all over the car and me!! I could literally go on for pages about the improvement of Marco, and we can’t wait for our other papillon Polo to attend their awesome training camp as well. Thanks again, you have changed our lives!

Todd and Jenny Eckleberg. Orlando


I cannot recommend Pat and Martin too strongly. They are terrific at what they do. Seeing Pat’s expertise first hand as she worked with my in-laws and their new puppy, was the event that truly brought home to me what a first rate pet behaviorist and dog trainer can and should do. I could see she was truly committed to helping people find and bring out in their pets the good manners. skills and behaviors that most owners only dream of. Pat and Martin have distinguished themselves as outstanding pet behaviorists and dog trainers; clearly a cut above other dog trainers.

Sue Chastain DVM


If you truly care about having a great dog AND a great companion, do yourself and your dog a favor and let Martin and Pat work their magic on your dog. Both you and your dog will be better because of it!……..

Bill Porter. President Perfomance Surf and Ski

I just want to thank you and tell you what a great job you did with Bogey. He is such a better dog that we could have ever imagined. He has been with us in NY on the boat for the summer. We have enjoyed being able to take him to work with us and trust that he is not going to run away.
Because how well trained he is we constantly get compliments from everybody that we meet.

Bryan Carter
Atlantic Yacht and Ship Inc.

It is obvious from all your training methods which were integrated into the course that you truly understand dogs and train them in a manner that they can comprehend quickly, with minimal stress to the dog.

Melanie Schlagenhafen Owner, Best Friends Bed & Biscuit

dog training client - snickersTo Friends
***Well, I hate to admit it, but Snickers is doing great. She went to Fla to boot camp for two weeks and has come home a different dog. In fact I’m starting to really like her. I walk her everyday sometimes without her leash and she actually listens to commands. In fact she’s here in my office sleeping……not downstairs pulling the paint off the walls. We took her to the Vet on Sat and she was so well behaved the Vet couldn’t believe it.

To Martin and Pat
***You were so right about this being a different dog. But I never really believed how different she would be until we got her home. She’s done great working with us.
Our Vet is very impressed with your training procedures. Snick is sleeping here next to me in my office. We went for a long walk next door and I let her play with the grandchildren and she was so good.

OK OK I admit it. I’m starting to like her, but just a little bit.

Thank you all for everything you did.

Katie Cambell – Wife of Jerry, he adores Snickers and thinks she can do little wrong(Psst – she could once!!)

Kohle – Giant Schnauzer

We cannot begin to thank you sufficiently for the wonderful pet you returned to us. It’s absolutely amazing that you could take a two and a half year old raised with no training and in just two weeks return to us a charming gentleman. Your expertise astounds us. Kohle has become under your guidance much more than we ever expected. You are awesome trainers. Our friends and neighbors cannot believe he is the same dog, but we assure them there was no switch. Kohle, as he is today, is a result of your expert training and gentle caring

Terry and Jean Greenfield. Florida

Just a short note to let you know how well Bonnie is doing and to thank you for your great training expertise. Although the Holidays were very busy and our schedules and rountine were out of whack, Bonnie continues to make progress. She is so much easier to live with now! I even think my husband is becoming fond of her! We still work at it every day , but I know she is becoming more conditioned to better behavior. Thanks so much to you both.

Elizabeth Clary

dog training client - patchPATCH – The Wonder Dog.
The most important point in obtaining a good pup is to buy from a respectable breeder and to train with a competent trainer. This is exactly what I did when I got my pup. Martin not only breeds fine pups he socializes them and prepares them to exposure outside the kennel, which is an important step in the development of a confident hunting dog. I was very fortunate and was able to spend a considerable amount of time with Martin in getting started in the training process with my pup, Patch. I learned from Martin a wealth of information that I was able to retain and then convey to Patch over time in her development. Martin has the unique ability to train not only the dog put the handler as well.

As a result with my experience gained while training with Martin, I can unequivocally state that I have the best hunting partner possible. Patch and I have now successfully hunted both waterfowl and upland birds in the Midwest and as far north as the prairie pothole region in Saskatchewan, and have even been asked and given demonstrations for the Missouri Dept of Conservation for their “Great Outdoors Days” event. We have been invited to guide pheasant hunts and retrieve shot birds on private game reserves in Missouri and Kansas. It is an absolute pleasure to have a dog that others look forward to hunting over.

One of the enjoyment in owning a hunting retriever is to watch it perform with enthusiasm and style, running a straight unhesitant line to a shot bird, retrieving the bird and then delivering to hand in the same manner. In order to achieve this degree of excellence in a hunting dog, the dog most have confidence in its ability to perform and to do so enthusiastically with the desire to please. This can only be accomplished with the proper training. The trainer plays an extremely important part in the dog’s development. The dog must be trained in a manner that makes it a pleasure to learn and instills confidence in the pup. This is where Martin excels. Martin trains and teaches you to train in such a manner that the handler and the pup are a team. Observing the pup in training easily evidences this. Its tail is happily wagging, and it looks forward to each training session with enthusiasm. Not only my pup, but also all the pups I observed Martin training, train with a high degree of enthusiasm, happiness, confidence, and as a team. This is what I believe makes them excel. Mine certainly did. Martin’s method of training also develops a pup that is a pleasure in the field as well as an excellent companion for the entire family.

Thank you so much Martin for all your knowledge, guidance, and help provided that enabled me to have the hunting partner I refer to as “Wonder Dog”, more commonly known as Patch.

Bud Murphy