International School for Dog Trainers


Martin Deeley ;  School Director, Trainer

Martin Deeley - dog trainer

Martin has been training gundogs and companion dogs for over 35 years. He has not only trained with the best but also trained the best. His dogs have won trials in Britain, and in America he has made up both Hunting retriever Champions and Master Hunters. He has run workshops throughout Europe, Great Britain, Canada and America assisting students with his approach to achieve Titles on both sides of the Atlantic. In 2004 he coached the first American retriever Team to compete in England at the International Working Test, where they took fourth place.  With companion dog’s martin has become a leader in the field of developing good companions that are loved and enjoyed by owners. His philosophy is to use whatever approach and method to help a dog learn and become a dog that stays in one home a lifetime.

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Pat Trichter;  Director of Administration, Trainer

Pat Tricher - dog trainer

Pat Trichter is a Dog Trainer and Behavioral Consultant who specializes in the behavioral development of puppies from the age of six weeks to six months old and the training of dogs of all ages. Her inventive and individual style of teaching establishes a fun, loving environment for the puppy and dog training that is enlightening for both children and adults. Her ten years of practice in the Dallas area plus 13 in Florida have gained her the well-deserved reputation as a leading trainer/behavioral consultant. Working on an individual basis with owners and families enables Pat to design distinct programs of development and training to meet the specific needs of each home. Her no-nonsense approach and plain speaking gains her much acclaim from clients who need to know precisely what is needed to make their dog the companion they long for. Now Pat through the International School shares these in a way that is educational, entertaining and practical.

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James Hamm; Director of Training, Trainer (Texas)

james hamm - dog trainerJames is a 28 year U.S. Army Veteran who achieved the rank of Command Sergeant Major.  He worked across the globe in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Bosnia, Colombia, Panama, and Germany and held leadership positions for 25 years where he focused his efforts on communicating, planning and training to achieve success.

He directed K9 and kennel operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and worked with, trained and supported Military Working Dogs for the United States, Germany, Sweden, Croatia and Norway.   His civilian canine training comes from the International School for Dog Trainers where he studied and served under his mentor, Martin Deeley,  He earned  E-Touch and Force Free training certifications,  basic and advanced certifications in Pet Dog Training and basic and advanced Gun Dog Training while working countless gun dogs and pet dogs under Martin’s and Pat’s instruction.

James is a Professional Level Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.  He was one of 8 Directors on the IACP Board of Directors for 2013 / 2014 and was elected President for 2015.  He is responsible for the  preservation of balanced and humane approaches to dog training, continuing education for trainers and K9 professionals, public education on K9 issues, bite prevention for children, animal husbandry and informing and protecting the public while maintaining the highest standards of training to support dog owners.

With Martin and Pat, James runs courses in both Florida and Texas, bringing his excellent  communication and training skills  to benefit both dogs and dog trainers.

Cory Gaumond

Cory has spent his life living and working with dogs. His mother, a groomer by trade, bred German Shepherds and Cory was brought up helping with pups and grown dogs. Presently he has  a pitbull and chihuahuas within his family. He has worked within Kennels where he carried out general kenneling duties, day care and developed a keen understanding of dog behavior and welfare. Training with Martin and Pat at their center enhanced his abilities to an extent that he was invited to join Florida Dog Trainer as an Assistant trainer.  Cory has a natural way with dogs. They like him and enjoy their training under his guidance.

Bijan Samawat (Southern Florida).

Bijan Samawat is a native of Berlin, Germany, has been involved training people and dogs in a variety of capacities over his career.  He is a graduate of the International School for Dog Trainers where he learned a host of dog training disciplines including retrieving, Frisbee, agility with a primary focus is on pet dogs and family companions.

Bijan studied under James Hamm (International School for Dog Trainers / Lonestar Dog Trainer, Josh Donahue (Argo Dogworks) and has continuing K9 education with courses from Chad Mackin, and Tyler Muto whose specialty is dealing with difficult and challenging companion dogs.  He is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professions and has attended over 20 seminars from the industries’ top professional at IACP conferences and a Duke University Course on K9 Cognition and Emotion to further develop his knowledge, skills and ability to assist families with their pets.

He gained experience in rescue and shelter dogs with Brooklyn Badass Animal Rescue in New York City learning to run a foster program and adoptive support services and he trained the staff at the Big Dog Ranch Rescue in West Palm Beach, Florida to handle dogs safely and care for them while they were in transition.  He trained adoptive families with their shelter and rescue dogs to overcome past issues and behavioral challenges to live a peaceful and enjoyable life together.

Apart from Dogs, Bijan teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to adults, along with cultural awareness to young adults and de-escalation / crisis intervention to adults working with children.

Bijan moved to West Palm Beach Florida and established ORA Dog Training to support everyone in the West Palm Beach, Gold Coast, Miami Metropolitan area and all of South Florida


‘Jerry’ Ray Cacchio; Gun Dog Training Seminars

cacchio - dog trainerA two-time winner of the Open National Springer Spaniel Championship, Ray is a respected field trial judge and renown international trainer of spaniels and retrievers. With more than 39 years of experience, Ray’s influence on field training gundogs is evident throughout the US and in UK.
Ray comes from a family tradition of high quality dog trainers, breeders and spaniel club organizational leaders. A grandson of one of the most influential Cocker men to date, Herman E. Mellenthin, Ray carries forward his grandfather’s ability to bring out a dog’s best effort.
Jerry was inducted into the prestigious Gundog Hall of Fame in 2011.

Greg Oyer; Gun Dog Training Seminars

greg - dog trainer(Hunting and Companion Dogs)

We are proud and privileged to work closely with Greg Oyer for whom we have the greatest respect and admiration. Greg  has lived and breathed dogs all his life giving him the natural ability and intuitive approach that few can attain. Whether it is a hunting or household companion Greg can bring out the best in dogs through his fair, understanding approach and leadership that has dogs eating literally out of his hands.  Greg has trained dogs for the countries political and business personalities as well as leading Georgian dignitaries and plantation owners. Greg is the man the professionals come to for advice because of his ability to solve dog problems and they know that with Greg they will always be welcomed. Such is his willingness to help dogs and owners.  A consultant to the dog industry for many years he has been a leading force in today’s dog training techniques.

Greg balances his dog skills with the ability to also train their owners.  Clients are constantly praising his patience and ability to show them the ways of working with their dogs to develop the companion they are looking for.

Whether it is hunting dog or Companion dog Greg Oyer brings out the best in any dog.