International School for Dog Trainers

International School for Dog Trainers

I Just completed one of the best dog training courses I have ever attended. This two week intensive class was held in Orlando Florida at Martin Deeley’s International School for Dog Trainers Foundation and E-Touch course. I have attended many schools on dog training throughout the country. It has been my experience, this school and the instructors, Martin Deeley, Pat Tricher and James Hamm are second to none in this business. This school is the ONLY school, which presented themselves as having a sincere interest and respect for each and every student. It has never been my experience where customer service was an area of concern for the students. This customer service was invaluable, allowing an environment, which promoted a strong comradery, great learning environment between the students and instructors. It was truly a team approach. This school was top notch and second to none. Instructor Martin Deeley, a world renowned dog trainer, worked alongside Pat Tricher and James Hamm as the primary instructor. Martin Deeley is the owner of the International School for Dog Trainers and owner of the Florida Dog Trainer, Orlando Florida. Instructors Martin Deeley, Pat Tricher and James Hamm’s collective knowledge on dog behavior, training and equipment is unmatched by anyone in the industry. Not only is Martin along with his staff the best dog trainers in our country, he is truly a dog trainers trainer, a mentor, motivator and a valuable knowledge resource. If you are even considering becoming a dog trainer there is only one school I would recommend, Martin Deeley’s International School for Dog Trainers Foundation and E-Touch course in Orlando Florida.

Pete Hill  Maryland


A huge thank you to Martin Deeley, Pat Trichter and James Hamm of the International School for Dog Trainers. Your knowledge, passion, humility and dedication to your craft, your students and the dogs are second to none. The things I learned from the three of you will last a lifetime.

Thomas Devine  – NJ


I spent the past 9 days in Heaven! As many of you might know, I love dogs, so I decided to take a dog training course With Martin Deeley, James Hamm, and Pat Tricheter in Monteverde FL.

I have attended many seminars in my life. However, this by far was the most rewarding and challenging thing I have ever done.

First, I would like to say thank you to Martin, James and Pat for sharing their passion, commitment and persistence with us.
I walked in with no experience whatsoever, just a passion for dogs and me wanting to be a better owner to my dogs. And I must say, I walked out with so much knowledge and even more passion.

I’ve never been exposed to any other type of dog training. After hearing from others who attended, that have taken other courses before, even they were amazed. I strongly suggest anyone who is looking into something like this, to take this course!!!!

Watching Martin and James working with dogs, it is like watching a beautiful dance choreography! They have a true gift. Not only were they very hands on and extremely professional. They also gave us a feeling of family and a true sense of being part of a community.

I didn’t know any of the people there. And by the time I left, I made new friends and totally enjoyed my time and good laughs that I shared with them. It’s amazing to see how, in just a few days…how well our dogs have reacted to the training. Especially for me and how I handle them. I have already noticed a huge difference!!!

Thank you Martin Deeley and crew …….

Adriana Grassi – FL



I’m not sure that I have the words to explain how fortunate I am to have spent 8 days learning from you both. Your shadow program was and continues to be the best thing I have done for myself in learning about dog training. You both are extremely gracious in sharing your vast combined knowledge of dog training and dog husbandry. In all honesty, the second I knew nothing about. Pat, you should see me now, checking ears, nails, between pads, teeth, gums, coats and everything else.

Working with Martin is an experience all in its own. He is so full of knowledge and so willing to share it. Best of all is his sense of humor and British accent that takes the sting out of anything I may have been doing wrong. Watching Martin take the leash of a dog that had just been brought in or a dog that had been there a week and work that dog out in the field was like watching a choreographed ballet. The calm smooth ease that he uses to work with a dog is like nothing I have ever seen before. I learned so much just from watching him!

Among all the many other things I learned from these two amazing people the biggest, was just to take training at an easy comfortable pace, no rushing and no stressing. Just go slow and enjoy the dog you are with and to work with calm confidence and patients.

Many thanks to Martin and Pat for sharing their knowledge with me.

Trina Carr

AND from Course Taken

I thought I was already well versed in Remote Training when I took Martin Deeley’s seminar on E-Touch and More. Within that 5 day seminar, I first learned that I did not know a thing about remote training the proper way and what a joy it was to learn that I could use the remote in so many new and encouraging way’s.  At Martin’s E-Touch seminar,  I not only learned how to properly use the remote collar, but I also learned how to read a dog and I learned basic training
skills.  Suffice it to say that I learned more in Martin’s 5 day E-Touch seminar, than I’ve learned in all the seminars I’ve taken before.  I highly recommend taking any seminar or workshop that Martin Deeley offers.  I know I will!

Trina Carr




Thank you so much for the pleasure of leaning so many wonderful new things.  Your program was  much more than I’d even hoped for and spending time with you all was a genuine treat.
I’ve been a dog lover all my life and now I think I know enough to help clients and their pets develop more balanced and happier relationships.

Betsy Kemble



Winston Churchill said” Success is going from failure to  failure without loosing enthusiasm.” If I have learned one important life lesson from you this week it is that every mistake is a chance to learn. I will take the many lessons, constructive criticism and conversations we have had and use them as the foundation of my training. Thank you for your patience, time and effort. You have helped me become a better trainer and a better human being. It’s been a wonderful 8 days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

Erin Scranton


Students and Presenters at Cesar Millan - Training The Cesar Millan Way California April 2012

Students and Presenters at Cesar Millan – Training The Cesar Millan Way California April 2012

Hello Martin,

I have been meaning to write you to let you know how much I learned from you and the other trainers. You were so enjoyable to hang around with. You are a great teacher. I hope to attend another training in the future. I came home a different person,much calmer and relaxed.

My dog, Billy, was born deaf and blind. I have used that as an excuse for his behavior. He stopped going on walks with me before I left for the training. But within a few days after I got back, he started on walks again with my lead. We walk for 30 to 60 minutes daily. Also, I took your advice about crate training which has been very helpful.

I was so happy to adopt Lola from the Psychology Center. She took an immediate liking to my husband. We are very happy to have her as part of our family. She also has been good for Billy. She loves our daily walks.

I think you mentioned you were going on a trip to Europe. Have a lovely time!

It was such a pleasure to meet you. I am filled with gratitude.

God’s Peace,

Emily Campbell

I want to thank you for six fantastic days. What I learned from these six days launched me further than I could have imagined. I know I have a lot of lessons ahead but with you as my mentors I now feel like I can make a start. Thank you for your willingness to share so openly.

KC Carter


I will never, ever forget these days at the workshop. To meet all these wonderful people was so amazing. My biggest dream came true these days and now I have got another big dream to go after. You were all such an inspiration to me, I miss my crazy dog people:) Thank you for everything.
Heidrun Villa

An amazing week, fantastic people, and an outstanding workshop! What more could you ask for!

Susan Gillis

international school for dog trainers Martin Deeley’s E Touch training at Mahogany Ridge was just what the doctor ordered! Martin and his charming, positive and caring manner of teaching and motivation gave me the confidence I need to do much more with my 8 month old Labrador. The intimate class size and flexible course structure is ideal and allows the substantive training to be tailored to the needs, goals and skill levels of the students and their dogs. The icing on the cake is the fantastic training facility and grounds at Mahogany Ridge! Theresa and her staff warmly embrace you, roll out the red carpet, feed you well and make you feel like family. A++ for a fantastic week and many thanks to Martin and Theresa!

Joi Sheffield

international school for dog trainers For anybody who’s asking himself or herself the questions “How can I become a professional dog trainer?” or “What dog trainer schools out there can really teach you the skills of the dog training craftlexi heeling web v small?”, I highly recommend The International School for Dog Trainers owned and operated by Martin Deeley and Pat Trichter-Deeley, two very gifted professional dog trainers, dog behavior experts and teachers. I was fortunate enough to be able to take the school’s E-Touch Course, and the experience changed my professional life forever. While working with Martin and Pat I gained the practical knowledge and hands-on experience that is essential in the dog training profession. Pat and Martin have the ability to instill confidence in students. They taught me to keep an open mind and follow my instincts. They emphasized developing relationships with dogs that I train in addition to relying on technical skills.

Martin Deeley is a dog training genius and has the rare qualities of a brilliant and charismatic teacher: wisdom, humility, open mindedness, a great sense of humor, and the ability to inspire and encourage students. Pat’s natural ability to understand and communicate with dogs and the clarity with which she instructs students greatly enhances the learning process for those studying with her. With regard to both Martin and Pat, Oprah Winfrey’s quote comes to mind: “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”

Martin and Pat not only taught me very practical skills, but also encouraged me to listen to my own intuition, follow my dreams and have faith in my own abilities. I am a much more capable and knowledgeable trainer for having taken their course at The International School for Dog Trainers.

Thank you so much Martin and Pat for being a continuous inspiration for me!

Aleksandra “Lexi” Hayden
Southwest Florida

international school for dog trainersI want to thank you sincerely for helping make my goal a reality. The knowledge and advice you have given me to help get my business going were above and beyond my expectations. I would recommend your school to anyone. The both of you were incredibly generous. You both made me fee; at home and that means a great deal to me – thanks again.

Neal Anglin

Brilliant, funny and mentally stimulating describes Martin Deeley’s presentation to the Assistance Dog Institute’s Master’s Degree students. This is a man who knows the mind of the dog. He is an encyclopedia of dog training knowledge that he is enthusiastically willing to share creating a dynamic learning environment. He is not just a great dog trainer, but a great human teacher!

In dogs we trust,

Dr. Bonita (Bonnie) Bergin, President
Assistance Dog Institute
World’s only academic college in dog studies — Helping dogs help people!
Web:; email:

international school for dog trainers….A Dog Gone Wrong to a Dog Gone Right….These are the facts about “Assassin”, an eighty-pound, 11-month old, 100% pure-bred German Rottweiler(male, AKC reg.). I purchased him in Sept., ’08 from a certified Rott-breeder. I didn’t know it, but for nine-months I applied positive reinforcement for his negative behavior. Needing help with the dog, I acquired the services of Mr. James Hamm, via my local vet, (Woodland Veterinary Hospital). James’ initial encounter with “Assassin” occurr ed on Sunday afternoon, June 14th in my backyard. My other Rott,(“Denali”, female, 7.75 yrs. old, 145 lbs) & myself were also present @ the scene. It was intense as “Assassin” immediately displayed extreme aggression upon James’ arrival in the backyard. It’s now Sunday afternoon, July 12th, I just completed a walk through Newport News Park. People & pets everywhere, no problem. Mr. Hamm told me he learned all this from you, I’m lucky to communicate with two class-acts.

Warren J. Hughes, III…Newport News, VA.

international school for dog trainersWell, the seminar was all I hoped it would be and much, much more. I know I’m speaking to the choir here (:->) but it was a wonderful and enlightening week, filled with meeting new friends and learning from two gifted teachers who shared with us their wisdom and experience… (plus the added bonus of picking Pat’s very savvy brain during free moments). I’ve already begun to incorporate what I learned into my own training here at New Skete. I’m lucky to have a number of our own dogs to practice on, to build up my confidence and get a feel for using the collar. I’ve been very pleased at how my own 2 dogs have responded and it has been fascinating to see them figuring out this new tool.

Brother Christopher, The Monks of New Skete

international school for dog trainersBecause of you both, I have furthered my tool bag and knowledge in a way that gives me both the confidence and skills that allow me to move forward with inspiration and optimism.

I feel that it is the knowledge of the e-collar that allows me to provide a safe and controlled environment to modify aggressive behaviors. The e-collar also helps me to feel more comfortable and confident in the abilities I already have. Furthermore, I feel these abilities are enhanced with the use of the collar. By using the combination of e-touch, gentle leader, soft muzzle and educating, it is easier to pass on to my clients a means by which they can feel they have more ability to initiate a change in their dog’s behavior. This makes clients more able to understand and associate their behaviors, as well as the dog’s behaviors. This results in higher motivation to change their behavior through their love of the dog. Best of all, they begin to see, believe and build the confidence that the dog and they can be successful. Obviously, this is possibly the most important piece since it is ultimately their responsibility.

I thank both you and Pat for your knowledge, dedication and unwavering commitment to both dogs and people. I am happy to recommend you both to anyone seeking to broaden their knowledge of dogs and dog training, regardless of level of expertise.

Cindy Gehring
San Jose

This morning I woke up just a bit sad. You see, we had just spent the past five days with Martin Deeley in his first Canadian E-Touch workshop and, after five wonderful days, today is back to our regular lives – all our new friends have returned home.
There is no other way to describe the past five days other than they were a real treat. A Wonderful time was had by all.

Roger Hild. Tsuro Dog Training
Ex Chairman Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Port Hope ON, Canada.

Yes Roger, I have to agree….I woke up feeling that something wonderful had just come to an end.
But I have also found a new excitement in my life and that has come through Martins wonderful e-touch approach.
And our group was so knowledgeable as well. We learned so many things from each other. It is always amazing to me how much home grown talent that we have right here is our own back yard.
If anyone ever gets an opportunity to work with Martin, run don’t walk… is worth it.

Patricia Robertson
Lakefield, ON, Canada

I third what Roger and Pat said. What a fantastic five days! I’m
exhausted, and more than a little agitated now that I’m back in the office and away from the dogs, but it’s all served as a wonderful motivator for me to get into dog training full-time.
Martin, thanks for coming up to see us and giving so freely of
your time and energy.
I would highly recommend to anyone who is even thinking about it, go see Martin in Florida and learn about E-Touch. Better yet, find six students, a location, and get Martin to come to you!
Whatever you do, it will be great fun, I can promise you that.

Jill Skorochod
Toronto, Canada

international school for dog trainersI just returned from Florida and wanted to encourage anyone who is thinking about taking an E-Touch course with Martin Deeley to stop thinking about it and JUST DO IT! The man has fun doing what he does, the environment is relaxing and his instruction is superb. My only regret is it lasted just five days…

Nancy Johansen
Calgary, Canada

international school for dog trainersI have attended perhaps a hundred or more seminars and workshops during my thirty years of training dogs. But nothing was as helpful as working with you on your E-touch techniques and completing the course you offered for me and my associate, Allison Long. It was helpful in every area of my business – companion dog training, off-leash remote work, behavioral problem solving and even in conformation handling of my own dogs.

The field of dog training desperately needs the type of instruction you offer in your International School of Dog Training. We need instructors who have the touch of a dog whisperer (equal to Cesar) along with the people skills of a master. You have both, plus the knowledge and compassion to blend techniques so that dogs can understand all types of exercises quickly and easily. The instruction we received has brought both more income, and much joy, to our training business and was worth every penny paid.

Please do not hesitate to have anyone contact me for a reference at any time.

Very truly yours,
Melanie Schlaginhaufen,

For those of you considering attending an E-Touch seminar, just do it! I am confident you will be very, very happy you did.

Martin worked tirelessly throughout, always making himself available to answer our endless questions. We had 10 trainers attend, and each of us received individualized attention each and every day. The great benefit to working with peers is that you learn as much from each other as you do the instructors. Martin’s gentle and effective approach to teaching us was as great as their approach towards teaching the dogs.

There were many different dogs, different temperaments and levels of obedience. At the end of the 5 days, the confidence and skills were raised to new levels for trainers and dogs alike.

I feel privileged to have been a part of and learn so much from each and every person and dog there. Every person attending brings something different, exciting and unique to the table, and we were all united as a ‘family’ in our shared experience and support of each other. I feel I’ve not only gained colleagues as valuable resources to learn from and share with, but friends as well.


I just received a very touching phone call from an e-touch client. “Thank you for our dog. We were thinking about you over Christmas, and our holidays were wonderful, thanks to you. Not only that, my husband is able to walk him around the neighborhood, off leash, past other dogs, kids, bikes, and has only had to tap him twice.”
This was the client who received a summons from the village for nuisance barking!

So thank you for helping me make that possible.

Allison Denlea
E. Northport, NY

I am new with the e-collar and I’ve had success with it especially with behaviors like jumping and digging. But after attending this workshop, I feel 100% more confident using it now. Martin and Gina were amazing. And I gotta thank all the trainers who allowed me to pick their brains and who offered suggestions and guidance in all aspects of training. I was like a kid in a candy store. Ooooo boy!

Watching the progression from day one as each trainer improved their skills with the collar was wonderful. Best of all was seeing the dogs respond in such a positive manner. Happy dogs, tails up. No negative effects. Way cool!

Marlaina Junior-Quick
Poughkeepsie NY

I was sending up prayers of thanks last night for Martin, I was lucky, blessed really, to find such a talented teacher. I had a very hard time learning to use the e-collar, needed be talked through it day after day. Can’t imagine what that was all about now, my Pro 500 feels natural in my hand.

I had such a wonderful time with Martin and I’d very much like to attend another E-Touch course, no doubt in my mind I could spend years with them and learn something new every day.

Vicki Magnus
Waldorf, Maryland

I have never been around so many top notch professional dog trainers in my life. I learned so much from ALL the other trainers that at times it was almost overwhelming. Martin has a way with people that even at times when a person was struggling he found a way to compliment them on something they were doing right. That is the way people learn the most. I have come away from that seminar with a whole group of friends that made me scratch my head and think about the things that I am doing and consider a lot of new and different ways to reach my training goals. I look forward to seeing my new friends again soon. I would recommend that everyone go to an E-Touch seminar.

Terry Hamlin
Bowling Green OH

Before I came I was only interested in teaching myself the e collar. But having handled some of the dogs there, I’m seriously thinking about adding it to my tools for teaching!

And Goniff loved it!! and learned new stuff (hunt test stuff) and decided to drop the dumbbell/glove when told to!!

Vivian Bregman and the Border Collie in NJ.
U OCH Goniff UDX 3, ASCA CDX and U CDX MsSugah CDX ASCA CDMember of IACP & NADOI

I want to thank Martin for making the learning experience among peers to be comfortable and beyond pleasant…I had a blast! I am very much looking forward to the intermediate seminar in the spring.

My favorite part of their E-touch training was the stress they put on utilizing the tool to supplement every trainer’s established training styles and techniques. One of the aspects of the e-collar that has been a turn-off in the past (aside from the more corrective approach from days of old) is the notion that it is THE way to train…the ONLY way to train to a certain level of performance…or the BEST way to train. I very much appreciate Martin introducing e-collar work from an entirely different perspective.

It doesn’t seem so different to me from lots of other training I’ve done and seen over the years…with many different species…just a ‘new’ tool.

I couldn’t have asked for a better time with a better group of people and dogs!

Aimee Sadler
Sag Harbor. NY

Martin is a wonderful teacher of at least two species that I know of.

As for the collar, what can I say besides WOW! What a valuable tool this is! I am still processing a lot of things, but I am seeing no way around the value of this tool. Much of my training program will have to be re-vamped when I get back home. I would honestly like to halt all training for about two weeks upon my return to restructure my programs to include the use of e-collars for those students who want them. This is not feasible but still, it would be nice!

I am really excited about incorporating this new tool into my training programs.

I am learning a great deal more from Martin than just the e-collar. Watching Martin work with people is every bit as fascinating (and educational) as watching him work with dogs.

You won’t regret it if you come…

Chad Mackin, A+ Dog Obedience, Texas.

Thanks for sharing your time, training experience, and thoughts with me this week. As well as your patience in teaching someone as green as me.

The choice to visit you was the best decision any trainer could make.

You are the best!!

Kim Grief. Chicago, IL.

Thank you falls short. Martin, Marc & Pat provided a naturally welcoming environment that was enriched with a wealth of knowledge, attainable resolutions for practically every situation, and the encouragement of utilizing various training methods that resolve the means.

I attended college, LE academies, seminars, etc in over 20 years….with exception to the K9 academy…I never enjoyed a training event that left me satisfied that I “will” succeed, and that “call me for any thing your need”……….was real!

I look forward to your Advanced Clases, Seminars & Workshops (as soon as you make them available).

I also want to say that I was very content & impressed with my fellow classmates, my venture into K9 is definitely a belated career change, but well worth the wait considering the IACP group list calibre.

Chris Norris, Miami Paws LLC, Manager