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Dog Training Services

We’ve have often been the second and even third dog trainer a client has worked with. But we’ve always been the last dog trainer our clients needed.

1. Puppy Perfect Start Program:

Martin and HookWe are often asked when should we start training our puppy? The answer is easy – the moment you get your puppy. These early days, weeks and months are formative times and by getting it right now, the years that follow become ones to enjoy. Many times clients request a consultation before the puppy arrives. By preparing and ensuring everything is in place and the whole family are on the same page with commands and routines, a strong foundation can be built for a wonderful future together in your family.

Let us help you design a puppy training and caring program, and show you how to interact with your pup to create the perfect start. Call for as early an appointment as possible so that together we can give your puppy the perfect start in its lifetime of love and happiness with you and your family.

2. Personal Consult and Dog Training Session in your own home:

Pat with puppyDo you feel out of control and stressed in your own house? You’ll be just amazed at the difference a little Pack Leadership within your own home will make in your relationship, not only with your dog but with your family. We can help you make quick improvements with leash pulling, guarding resources, housebreaking, jumping or even aggression. We come to your home where your dog exhibits these unwanted behaviors and teach the whole family how to bring on the ideal companion.

Be in control of the walk. Gain control of your home. Enjoy the company of your dog. Be happier. And best of all…see your dog become calmer and happier, and your family, a happy family with your dog.

3. Boarding (Dog Boot Camp) School:

A busy life style, not enough time, lack of experience, plus other reasons for not being able to train your dog. Nothing to feel guilty about. Let us help you at our Doggy Boot Camp by training your dog, and then training you and your family.

In only three weeks, your dog comes home trained to be a happy, polite companion…on and off leash. The investment in our Boot Camp program will pay dividends for the lifetime of your pet. You’ll be able to go everywhere together. That’s because we only use our amazing E-Touch approach. All behavior issues are covered. Leading a busy life, love your dog but no time to train and show him or her what you require of a good companion? Then this program is for you and your loved family member.

I will be pleased to talk to you over the phone or meet in person to describe / show you what this Board and Train program entails.  It is pretty remarkable to see how much your dog  can transform in just three short weeks.

Please call us 407-469-5583. We can talk to you now about your dog and our method. And you can reserve your advance booking now.  Please consult us for more information.

4. Private Lesson Program:

gwen-kate-lgFor those who wish to invest of their own time and achieve savings. A series of dog training lessons at our location with your personal dog trainer teaches your dog excellent behavior that lasts. Most clients see dramatic improvements within weeks if not days. Covered are: aggression issues, leash manners, ignoring other dogs and people, jumping, mouthing, sit, down, stay, and come (on and off leash). Call for availability. 407 469 5583

5. The Brush Up and Fine Tune Program

For dogs that have been with us as Board and Train ‘students’ or involved in any of our training programs, we offer a program for when owners are on holiday. During their stay with us your dog will be walked daily, exercised both by themselves and with other play dogs and go through a ‘brush up’ program of Fine Tuning. This program is designed to remind him of, ‘brush up’ and practice known skills, or to Fine-Tune for competition and be the partner companion you love. Why allow your dog to learn unwanted habits while you are away? Better to let him enjoy a ‘camp’ vacation where he can enjoy learning while having fun. This program will make him happy, and will give you peace of mind knowing your best friend will come back refreshed, happy and behaving even better than before.

Consultations can be arranged to meet your busy schedule. Board and Train dates can be booked in advance. We will only take a limited number of dogs for training at any one time.