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Gun Dog Puppies and Young, Part Trained Dogs

gun dog training - black labLooking for a good hunting dog already trained? Talk to Martin. Often he has contacts with trainers who have the ideal dog you seek. If it is a dog from British Lines then Martin is the expert. He has brought over top quality hunting and competition dogs for many clients in the USA and has advised and acted as a consultant for two kennels that have established themselves as leading breeders of British field cockers spaniels and labradors.

Martin’s knowledge of the working lines in Britain is extensive and is sought out by many in the ‘industry’. He can help you chose the right dog for yourself and your family.

Although only having the occasional litter of pups, two litters in three years, Martin has many contacts with reputable gundog owners and breeders throughout the USA and Great Britain. He has located good hunting dogs for many of his clients and helped them to obtain the ideal hunting companion they are seeking.

The start of a good companion is in selecting the right dog from good, solid healthy working dogs. Martin’s knowledge will help you find the dog you dream of to be your partner on hunting expeditions. Whether it is a trained dog, a part trained dog or a puppy call Martin.