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I Meet a Great of All Time

Many know I am a Basketball fan so this was a great beginning of a new friendship for me.

Dogs have brought me many friends and introduced me to many wonderful people I would never have met. One such person I have recently befriended is Jerry Lucas, Basketball Hall of Famer and memory man. Yes I said Memory Man. After basketball, where is was in the Olympic Gold Medal team and was a star with the Nicks, he began to use his talents not only at remembering facts and information but also developing a system for others to develop their memories. His main project, which has become not only a vision but also today a reality, is to help children learn, and to improve the education system by making learning enjoyable and far more effective. He gave me a demonstration of the system. It was fascinating and definitely fun. Like dogs, make it fun and rewarding and they learn, and the same principle applies to kids and adults.

Jerry is the husband of my good friend Cheri Lucas and I have to say that my weekend in their company was not only a delight but also memorable, and not just because Jerry gave  me a few memory tips. We talked basketball and education, I was a lecturer at college and then university for 18 years.  And just like dogs, over the years, basketball has changed dramatically. Jerry also played in the All Stars games and as he told me “Played to win.” Not all this showmanship stuff and lack of atmosphere we get today. Maybe it is age that makes us critical, but I have to say sometimes I think we are missing out by not expecting the standards we required in the past. Many active working competition dogs are better than ever but regularly our much loved companions behavior is made excuses for.  Even in competition I have seen standards reduced to meet what the dogs can achieve, not what they should achieve. That does not promote growth and improvement in either training or the levels of acceptability. Let’s always work at making learning easier and  training fun, but continue to build higher standards. But I digress.

Keep an eye out for Captain Memory. Jerry’s unique approach to learning will be hitting the screens soon.

Like the photo? I look like the Hobbit from Tolkien’s books.