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International Association of Canine Professionals Conference


At the IACP conference exhibition area, a Beagle friend tries out the GoPet Treadmill. Ideal for those who find walking their dog difficult due to many reason including bad weather and own limitations. The Exhibition area was full of new ideas and good ways to enjoy your dog and it was a delight to see so many exhibitors there old friends and new.

The conference itself was a great success. Workshops and presentation from leading figures in the dog world were received with great enthusiasm. My own presentation was on ‘There is no one Magic Wand’ and I discussed not only differences in approaches stressing the need to be versatile but also explaining the weaknesses of those who wish to only use a narrow approach to dog training.  The trainers who espouse only two approaches to learning, terming themselves purely positive,  and condemn anyone who uses corrections as being the devil incarnate are not doing the dog world any good. The use in a program of training of Corrections and punishment does not indicate and should not imply abuse. In this world there are always repercussions and consequences – both good and not so good. We can all learn from these and dogs can also when applied correctly. As with all approaches to learning both reward and punishment, the need to ensure they are applied correctly is important.

Another fascinating presentation was given by Jean Dodds on the Thyroid problem in dogs today. It is reaching almost epidemic proportions and creates many behavioral as well as physical problems.  I would recommend dog owners and all professionals to do some reading of Jean who is at the forefront of identifying thyroid issues.

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