International School for Dog Trainers

International School for Dog Trainers
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Building the Dog/Trainer relationship through effective foundation work.


With Martin Deeley, James Hamm and Pat Trichter.

November 4th to 9th 2019

6 days Hands on course.

Course  FEE: $2450.00

 Fee to include Lunch and Comprehensive Notes.

The aim of this workshop is to develop your knowledge, experience and ability to be a professional dog trainer. Through practical/hands-on work and discussion, we will enable you to develop the skills essential to the training and behavior modification of dogs today.

The emphasis throughout will be on creating versatility and change in the mind set, approaches, attitudes and energies of those attending.  In doing so, enable you to develop an understanding of how to create a lasting, respectful, loving relationships with dogs, Both for yourself and your clients.

Upon completion of the course we want you to be able to think Dog, read Dog, feel Dog, act Dog, guide and handle Dog.  In doing so, we will be looking to you to become an instinctive, intuitive dog trainer – at one with the dog.  We will help develop your ability to choreograph movement and actions that puts the dog in a position to do right. And, through doing it well create a relationship of trust, confidence and partnership with both dog and client.

Our aim is to help you build a successful business based on happy well-behaved dogs and very happy proud clients. Our purpose in teaching is to assist you build creativity and versatility to be at one with the dog you are training, enabling the dog to be at one with you. Dog training is more than technique and leadership, let us guide you in the ‘art’. A dog will respond to the one who provides the resources he needs and enjoys in a way that has him wanting to ‘join’ in a partnership.  Balance; is the key.

Training dogs for the real world? That is training and developing behaviors in the dog that people will want, like and love – and keep the dog as a family member, for a lifetime.

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Excellent Course April 2018

First class trainees and results that were remarkable over six days of hard work learning. Proud of you.