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FLORIDA DOG TRAINERS Martin Deeley & Pat Trichter

Discovery CoveMartin and Pat have been training dogs individually and as a team for over 50 years.

Their training of well mannered dogs that owners are proud to have as family members is renowned throughout Europe and America.

Both Martin and Pat are Co-Founders of the prestigious International Association of Canine Professionals. Martin has also been selected and serves as an American Ambassador for the Animal Foundation Platform, an independent International platform for all organizations in countries which are active for animal welfare and which are committed to help abandoned dogs and cats.

Martin is Executive Director and Past President.
Pat is a Director and Treasurer.

Martin Deeley

Florida Dog Trainer Martin DeeleyMartin Deeley is recognized Internationally as an outstanding presenter, commentator and writer for National and International dog events, training videos, books and magazines worldwide. He has commentated at Crufts, and for the past 26 years commentated for the British Country Landowners Association Game Fair at the International Gundog Arena on the annual 3 day International gundog event. Martin’s distinctive voice clearly describes events and actions as they occur to the enjoyment and education of audiences in an entertaining, enthusiastic and easy listening manner.

Martin has co-produced over 100 Gundog Championship videos, which he presents and narrates, and 12 dog training videos where he is featured. In addition, to his credit, he has had three books published. Through his work in this field, Martin’s expertise and knowledge as a presenter and writer is recognized and highly respected worldwide. He writes for the leading hunting and dog journals in Britain and America, and has had articles published in Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, and Japan. He is a regular contributor to the Shooting Gazette, Gun Dog, Off Lead and the American Kennel Club Gazette. Many of his articles have been distributed and printed worldwide – including a unique personal interview with Her Majesty The Queen of England. In 2002 he was presented with the Dog Writers Association of America Special Award for the Best Dog Training Article of 2001.

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Pat Trichter

Orlando Dog Trainer Pat TrichterPat Trichter’s animal training career started at an early age with horses, working and training cutting horses and thoroughbreds. A Registered Nurse and experienced Veterinary technician, she found her unique skills in training dogs was much in demand based on her experience training them around her horse farm, and the Veterinary practice. She has a great ability to read and train all animals including cats.

In Dallas under the name City Dawgs, Pat was highly recommended by veterinarians and sought out by dog owners wanting to bring up the perfect companion. For her it is not just a matter of a dog doing as asked but also of becoming a partner in life. She achieves this through an understanding by both owner and dog, and what is required in the home and in the dog/human owner relationship. She has the ability to help families work together to have a dog that will become part of their family for life, and delights in bringing families together bonded by the love of their dog. Pat has been successfully training dogs and their families now for over  20 years. Pat is a Co-Founder of the International Association of Canine Professionals.

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Skilled in the art of reading dog and exerting calm leadership, Mr Boots has the ability to know when to tempt and when not to tempt. His sense of humor and timing is impeccable.

See Mr Boots in action Below. Prince did not like cats – but ….
Mr Boots showed him how to accept them. And Pam – well Pam thought they were for lunch.



Christine Hopkins has had a lifelong love affair with dogs. Upon finally having dogs of her own and volunteering with both bullmastiff and Airedale rescue, she realized her desire to train dogs and their people full-time. Owning and working with difficult dogs, has propelled her on a continuing journey to find successful methods of teaching both dogs and their people. This quest brought her to train under Martin Deeley (The Florida Dog Trainer).

Christine is certified in Martin Deeley’s E-Touch (TM) dog training method and has apprenticed under him at his Orlando Training Center.

GREG OYER (Hunting and Companion Dogs)

Greg OyerWe are proud and privileged to work closely with Greg Oyer for whom we have the greatest respect and admiration. Greg has lived and breathed dogs all his life giving him the natural ability and intuitive approach that few can attain. Whether it is a hunting or household companion Greg can bring out the best in dogs through his fair, understanding approach and leadership that has dogs eating literally out of his hands.

Greg has trained dogs for the countries political and business personalities as well as leading Georgian dignitaries and plantation owners. Greg is the man the professionals come to for advice because of his ability to solve dog problems and they know that with Greg they will always be welcomed. Such is his willingness to help dogs and owners. A consultant to the dog industry formany years he has been a leading force in today’s dog training techniques. Greg balances his dog skills with the ability to also train their owners. Clients are constantly praising his patience and ability to show them the ways of working with their dogs to develop the companion they are looking for. Whether it is hunting dog or Companion dog Greg Oyer brings out the best in any dog.