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Pat Trichter

Orlando Dog Trainer - Pat Tricher

Pat Trichter is a Dog Trainer and Behavioral Consultant who specializes in the behavioral development of puppies from the age of six weeks to six months old and the training of dogs of all ages. Her inventive and individual style of teaching establishes a fun, loving environment for the puppy and dog training that is enlightening for both children and adults. Her ten years of practice in the Dallas area plus 13 in Florida have gained her the well-deserved reputation as a leading trainer/behavioral consultant. Working on an individual basis with owners and families enables Pat to design distinct programs of development and training to meet the specific needs of each home. Her no-nonsense approach and plain speaking gains her much acclaim from clients who need to know precisely what is needed to make their dog the companion they long for. Now Pat through the International School shares these in a way that is educational, entertaining and practical.

Orlando Dog Trainer Pat TrichterFollowing Community College, Pat entered a Veterinary Practice as a Veterinary Technician working three years assisting with all aspects of veterinary nursing. A return to College for another degree, followed by a short spell in administration saw her once more entering nursing, but this time as a Staff and Registered Nurse caring for human health and patient needs. In addition she studied a variety of wellness approaches including massage and neuro-muscular therapy, nutrition and exercise; studies and experience that she now applies so effectively to her canine clients and their owners. Animals and their welfare however have always been a ‘mission’ for her and after three years nursing, the ‘calling’ had her once more working with animals. This time it was horses and dogs in a North Florida Veterinary practice and breeding farm that raised and trained both Thoroughbred racehorses and Quarter horses. Her diverse skills and duties as a Horse Trainer and Farm Manager along with her Veterinary Technician and Nursing background provided a solid grounding in animal and human behavior which has provided the bedrock upon which her present successful career is now based.

Pat and dogsIn 1987 she moved to Texas where her wide, in-depth experience with animals and people came together and found a focus in City Dawgs, her dog training and behavioral consultancy.  Working initially with group classes, Pat recognized quickly that most of the problems and training difficulties with the dogs were occurring in the home, and although the group classes provided effective socialization and basic obedience for the dogs they did not effectively deal with the source of the bad habits and poor manners. Owners needed help where individual assistance and direction could be given to the entire family. Today nothing gives Pat more satisfaction and purpose than to help families to co-operate and achieve their common goal – to have the happy dog and good companion they only dreamt of. Her successful performance and growth is legend both in Dallas and now the Central Florida area.

Her client list reads as a “Who’s Who” in both Dallas and Central Florida. In 1998 one of her canine clients made front page of the Today section of The Dallas Morning News due to the behavior changes Pat had brought about in her. Reagan, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owned by the American Consul to Austria, had a serious sensitivity problem which could prove very embarrassing to a representative of America meeting many International leading figures who would also be meeting her dog. But after a series of at-home counselling sessions in Reagan’s home, and a short period of socialization through Camp Training, Pat quickly had Reagan being the darling and ‘star’ in Washington and Vienna, with Reagan and the Consul loving every minute.

Pat often says that she is a cowgirl at heart, because her love of the outdoors and animals has always inspired the direction of her life. As a trainer she is able not only to ‘do’, but also to pass on her knowledge and skills to others. She is one of life’s natural facilitators who can use her inherent talents and skills coupled with her qualifications and experience to teach and help a dog owner create a companion that is happy and eager to please, thereby enhancing their quality of family life. That has always been and continues to be her goal and her influence continues to grow. Pat was a founder of the International Association of Canine Professionals (A business association/network of dog professionals now in over 20 countries) and served on the Board assisting new and established professionals for 13 years.

Pat is married to Martin Deeley and operates Flroida Dog Trainer, where they combine their skills and experience to provide one of the highest rated Dog Training services in Florida. www.floridadogtrainer.com .