E-Touch (and More)




Had some education or little experience with e-collars
and still not quite sure what, where, when and how to use this magnificent tool?

Then come spend 3 days with us for we’ve specifically designed this course for the newcomer to e-collar work and/or those with a basic expertise in the use of the e-collar. If you want to learn more about remote trainer versatility to obtain good behaviors, and build a stronger relationship with the dog based on trust, then this is the course for you. It’s important that all our students understand the functioning, operation and application of the e-collar in dog training and behavior modification; as well as other training approaches that can be applied to ensure its effectiveness. Hands on with dogs will be a central part of the learning process and the course will also include more advanced applications of the e-collar, plus building your business through an improved marketing approach by bringing on a dog that your client will be pleased with.

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