Pet Training Through Retrieving


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In the Masterclass Series of Videos made with British Videographer Paul French, Martin Interviews and works with leading British Gundog trainers. These videos are a ‘treasure chest’ of ideas and methods to bring out the best in all of the gundog breeds. In the ‘Sporting Scenes’ videos made with Ian Openshaw a best seller in Great Britain, information and methods of training are shared openly and can be easily understood and applied by all owners.

The Championship Series is a historic record of the British, Danish and Irish National Championships. Working in partnership with leading gundog event film maker Paul French, Martin narrates the Championships describing the dog work in a fascinating, enlightening and entertaining manner. These films are the perfect gift for those interested in British dogs and competitions and contain actual footage of the top European dogs.These can be obtained in many formats from

For details of Championship videos and other training videos by Paul and Martin,

Martin’s E-Touch Technique is now recognized as being one of the most humane and effective methods of introducing the E-collar – this video was made with a dog fresh to training and the e-collar and shows exactly what happened during the real time training sessions.