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Three days with the Wonderful Wendy Volhard

What a great three days my wife Pat and I have had last week with our good friend Wendy Volhard. Wendy decided she would like to learn a few things from us about gun dog training and other bits of training stuff she felt she needed. Well, to be honest, I am not sure who learned more, Wendy or us. She is a wealth of information and great company. We talked dogs and dogs and dogs. We worked and trained dogs that were in for Board and train as well as my own dogs in hunting work. Wendy has Labradors now, as well as dachshunds and she is getting a hankering to train in gundog skills. Well she has competed at the highest level is many other dog sports so why not go out and do the business in hunting dog work. We had fun.

As we sat enjoyed dinners and time together we talked nutrition, breeding and husbandry. There is so much that we can earn and use to help our dogs and owners. Wendy has developed a great food that is mixed with beef mince to give the perfect diet for dogs. In addition she has an additive/supplement, which you put with kibble to give that little extra needed vitality and health to dogs that are basically kibble fed. This supplement called Endurance I have used for my dogs for a while and really find it does make a difference.  I have also used the mixer with beef and found it very easy to feed. Dogs of course love it and the results have been very noticeable. Natural minced beef with Wendi’s mixer provides the perfect diet. Young pups, that no matter what you try, do not seem to be quite right physically have shown dramatic improvement on it. I once had a pup that was very thin on coat and somehow did not look as good as my pups usually do. After a test, which showed Thyroid on the low side but within the normal levels, Wendy advised me to feed with her diet plus add liver and Endurance. Within a month we had a different dog, both in coat and mind set. Wendy has taken Landseer Newfies to over 13 years of age on her diet even when diagnosed with liver problems at an early age. Hey, makes me want to go on the diet!!

When it comes to nutrition and developing a healthy mind and body in your dog this lady is the best. We can train exercise and love but without a healthy mind and body we are limited. I would say when love is just not enough to help your dog, talk to Wendy. She is unselfish with her time and advice and what she says pays off. A healthy mind and body provides the framework upon which we can build.

If like me you want the best for your go read some of the information Wendy has to offer at http://www.volharddognutrition.com/