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Makes me Proud

Over the Years I have watched the rise of Young Scotsman in the Gundog world, David Lissett. I admired his work and also his attitude not only towards his dogs and his work but to life in general. When I revised my book Working Gundogs, I asked if I gave him a copy would he write a short testimonial. His reply surprised me. I already have your book Martin. I took it on Holiday with me many years ago and while my wife enjoyed the beach, I read and enjoyed your book, learning so much from it. It lit a spark in me to train my own dogs. To say I was proud was an understatement. Here is a man who is a natural with a dog and who has not only won the British Championships more than once but also the Irish Spaniel Championships. A man many aspire to emulate. And I had helped him start. You never know whose lives you are going to touch and what a difference you have made to them and their families. I have never been the trainer David has become but I smile many times at the realization that I played a small part in his his achievements his life and what he has become. in doing so I have helped him to carry on the training of great dogs and future great trainers. Our legacy is what we share and leave with others to continue to develop. Watch this video of a wonderful trainer and great dog in action. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfzLrCAU550&feature=share Very proud of you David.