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NEW BOOK from Myself

5 years ago I met and became friends with Gayle Thompson who worked with Cesar Millan. In conversation we began talking about her dogs and one in particular, Leo. He had been found as a stray in a baseball stadium. Her adoption of Leo started a journey in their life together that was not only interesting but made realize that in life things often work out for the best. We should never give up and always strive tor each our dreams. Leo became a dog star with the help of Cesar Millan. He has featured in Cesar’s posters and on many photographs, and always because of his jumping skills. Gayle, after 4 years of turmoil in her life achieved happiness forging a career in Alternative Remedies for dogs and obtaining her own home, where Leo and his two dog companions could once more settle in a family. Listening to Gayle and Leo’s story I saw a need to try to tell it as if Leo.  How he saw and felt the times and the changes that he experienced.  My hope is that this book will not only entertain but also help create understanding of how dogs think and see situations differently from us humans.

Leo – The Incredible and Amazing Dog Star

by Martin Deeley

This is Leo’s Story as he would tell it; how he ended up living at Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles and found himself in a photo, along side Cesar, in The New Yorker magazine. When Leo, a four-month-old stray puppy, meets his human mom for the first time at a Little League Park, little does he know what sort of adventures await him. He meets Uncle Woofie, gains another bossy pup as his brother, and settles into the good life. Through no fault of their own, the family loses their home. As a result, Leo and his brother, Baby, travel 1000 miles to Texas to stay for a while with his human auntie and her dogs. But then life takes another turn and Leo and Baby find themselves at the front gate of the Dog Psychology Center where they meet and live with the Dog Whisperer – Cesar Millan – for four years. There he and Baby learn how to be part of a real pack of dogs and watch Cesar rise to become the star he is today. This fun educational story for both children and adults illustrates life and behavior from a dog’s perspective, and teaches us to stay open to possibilities and never give up. This is a real dog’s true story that will be enjoyed by all.

If you are interested go to http://www.onlyindie.com/ebooks/21 where you can download this book as an e-book.