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Training Cesar’s Way Courses

On a visit to LA last year while attending Cesar Millans Dog Walk and meeting up with him and his manager I called in to his Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita . While there, I remembered that Cesar had always talked about setting up a training center for both owners and dog professionals. I asked if they were ready for that now and whether it would be possible to test the waters so to speak , regarding courses. They asked me to list types of courses and put forward programs and curriculum for what would be a good starting point. This I did and one we selected was developed with two of my colleagues Cheri Lucas and Brian Agnew. Cheri, many will know from the Dog Whisperer Series and the Second Chance at Love Rescue, and Brian is a very proficient and well-respected trainer, both Cheri and I have worked with over the years.

Now the course is a go, and we are all excited at working together as a team, Cesar, Cheri, Brian and myself. The first course in April will be a foundation type course based on Cesar’s approaches and philosophy and very much for dog enthusiasts and new or intending trainers. But yes, you have guessed it is full and there is a long waiting list for the next two in September and October.  However, I am sure this is only the beginning and it is going to be a wonderful journey together helping as many as possible to help and work with dogs and their owners.

More information can be got at www.trainingcesarsway.com

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