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Training Cesar’s Way in California

About five months ago I went on a walk with Cesar in Los Angeles, I followed it up with a visit to his Dog Psychology Center and while walking and talking it struck me that it was time that Cesar not only shared his knowledge and skills on the TV but did so in workshops at his Psychology Center. I talked with his Manager about this as well as the staff at the Center and they were all very excited at the prospect as was Cesar who loves to teach and have direct contact with fellow professionals and dog lovers. What should we teach I was asked. How about a foundation course that explains and demonstrates Cesar’s approach and gives those attending an understanding of how dogs learn together with the tools and approaches that can be used to help them learn. And so it started, with fellow trainers and rehabilitators Cheri Wulff Lucas and Brian Agnew, we developed alongside Cesar a 4 1/2 day course that would do just that.

35 students from Iceland, England, Norway, Canada and the USA attended this first workshop and the result an overwhelming success. This was a terrific workshop. I have done many over the years but I would rate this as being among the top if not the top in togetherness and enjoyment of learning. Cesar was in his element and loved every minute as did the students. Many students brought dogs, some with issues that we helped with and some simply as companions to enjoy the days learning together. Myself, Brian and Cheri with Cesar Team taught and also gave individual presentations with plenty of time for one on one help to resolve problems each student was facing with their dogs. And, we have two more courses already planned and full. One is September and one in October. Now for 2013 and even more. Here are a few more photos.