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Are we getting more physical and behavioral problems with dogs than ever before. My dogs certainly are not living as long these days and I am seeing more dogs described as ‘Hyper’ than ever. Is it a sign of the times, breeding, lack of training and does food come into the equation also.

When I started in dogs 40 years almost now, I fed raw tripe and beef plus occasional biscuit. The dogs looked great, trained and worked hard and, were fit. Plus I never had allergies or skin issues. As the ‘muesli type food came out and was more easy to use I began to add that and then gradually over the years moved over to a premium dog food. It was good but I noticed that dogs, and not just mine, were not living as long and the main culprit appeared to be cancer. Was it the food I asked myself that was helping to create this? With one puppy that had an imbalance with his thyroid, I received advice on a raw diet for him and it worked. His system balanced out. But it involved having raw beef mince and liver and I was not into having to store this, remember to defrost it, and deal with the mixing mess. Yeah OK call me what you will – maybe as you get older you don’t want to be mixing and freezing and all that goes with it. I didn’t. Recently I was approached by a company called TRUDOG to try their product and it is pure freeze dried meat and fish. Easy to use, store and what is best – the dogs really like it. Their motions are fewer, harder and better color and I have even noticed that the hyper behavior of one, which has been a ‘difficult dog’, is mellowing and she is becoming more receptive and calm. Is it the food or her maturing? I could not tell you, but I have noticed it. A drawback is that the food is on the high price end but if my dogs do better on it, live longer and vet bills are reduced than I can begin to rationalize that the cost is balanced out by the advantages. I mentioned this to the manufacturer (It is made in USA – Florida), and to help they have not only discounted the product but also if you use my code there is an additional 15% discount on the purchase. Go to Shop.trudog.com/FEED-ME to find out more on this. If you wish to purchase and try, use the code MARTIN15

I have also been trying their joint supplement on my elder dog and I have to say I am noticing a difference. He has been on another supplement but I too him off it and put him onto Trudog Free. Now I guess I ahd better try my Cocker on the Trudog Calm. Supposed to help with thunder phobia and other stressors. Now that would be a miracle.